Join us for our 11th Annual & 1st Virtual History Slam on May 21

Hello everyone!

Congratulations for making it to day… ehm, we lost count… of quarantine! We had to postpone our spring events, but we are not giving up on our oldest HAW tradition… the History Slam!

We are rescheduling it for Thursday, May 21st, at 4:30 pm Ithaca time, on Zoom—link to follow.

In case you’ve never been to a History Slam before: it’s a chance to read our work out loud to each other and affirm our belief that scholarly writing can be as artful as any other kind of writing. Listening to the way writing sounds is a great way of exploring the question of how your work might have an impact… It’s also nice just to sit back and appreciate the shape and rhythm of crafted prose. But since we are in a particularly stressful time, we would also love if you choose to read a text from another author that you find particularly inspiring… or something funny… or some poetry… anything that you want to share with us and that may uplift our spirits!

Readings usually last about 5 minutes, and we ask that you make sure not to go beyond 10 minutes. We like to have the first few readings scheduled, so we are looking for a few volunteers. Please drop us a quick note if you would be interested in reading something. After our initial volunteers, the microphone will be open for anyone who wants to share some more reading on the spur of the moment.

We are sorry that we will not be able to gather in person, but technology has its advantages, as it allows for people to join for afar. So, we would love to see some HAW alums at this Slam!

We look forward to seeing your faces, hearing your voices, and reconnecting with you all!


Benedetta & Kelsey




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