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Fall 2016


It’s time for another exciting semester of HAW! For more information on the fall schedule and readings, email Joe at jng53 AT cornell DOT edu. We’re also looking for volunteers to share short pieces (around 1000 words) at the workshop on November 9. Anyone is welcome to attend any time.


Fall 2016

September 13, 8:15 pm – Eula Biss, On Immunity

October 5, 8:15 pm – Jill Lepore, The Mansion of Happiness

October 23, 8:15 pm – Carlo Rotella visit

November 9, 8:15 pm – Writing workshop (it’s never too early to start working on  a short piece to share with HAW!)

December 6, 8:15 pm – Trevor Getz, Abina and the Important Men


February 3 – Colson Whitehead, John Henry Days

February 25 – Scott Reynolds Nelson, Steel Drivin’ Man

March 17 – Jon Coleman, Here Lies Hugh Glass

April 13 – Writing Workshop

May 13 – History SLAM!

historians are…

Saw this over on Twitter and had to share:


I’m ignoring that the first few ways Google auto-completes the phrase “historians are” are rather unpleasant, and instead, I’m focusing on #3: “historians are writers!”

Pretty cool, right? Especially because our site is the first search result for these words. I’m taking that to be a sign that this is going to be an excellent semester. Looking forward to tomorrow night’s discussion!

Fall 2013: Place (Time?)

September 12: Christine DeLucia, “The Memory Frontier: Uncommon Pursuits of Past and Place in the Northeast after King Philip’s War” Journal of American History, 98, no. 4: 975-997 (2012) and Claire Vaye Watkins, “Ghosts, Cowboys” in Battleborn (2012)

October 17: David Bradley, The Chaneysville Incident (1990)

November 13: Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending (2012)

December 11: Chris Ware, Building Stories (2012)

Spring 2013: Truth: Then and Now

January 22: Francis Spufford, Red Plenty

February 20: John D’Agata and Jim Fingal, The Lifespan of a Fact

March 12: lunchtime session with John Demos (Samuel Knight Professor Emeritus, Yale University)

March 26: evening session with Kristen Neuschel (Associate Professor, Duke University)

April 12: 4:30 pm film screening of experimental documentaries by two Buffalo filmmakers, Carl Lee and Dorothea Braemer, who will be in attendance for a discussion immediately after the screening. (Free dinner included. On campus, location TBA.)

April 17: writing workshop and excerpts from The Appendix, Issue 2.

May 4: History SLAM! (late afternoon, stay tuned for details)