Founder & faculty sponsor:


Aaron Sachs (Professor of History, Cornell University –

Current group coordinators:


Benedetta Carnaghi (PhD candidate, History, Cornell University –


Kelsey Utne (PhD candidate, History, Cornell University –

Founding members:

Heather Furnas, American Studies librarian, Cornell University (PhD 2014, American History, Cornell University)

Rebecca Macmillan, PhD candidate, English, University of Texas at Austin (BA 2008, Cornell University)

Daegan Miller, PhD 2012, History, Cornell University

Katie Proctor, Founder and Managing Editor, Stealing Time: a literary magazine for parents 

Previous group coordinators:

Mattias Fibiger, Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School (PhD 2018, History, Cornell University)

Joe Giacomelli, Lecturer in the Writing Program, NYU Shanghai (PhD 2018, History, Cornell University)

Amy Kohout, Assistant Professor of History, Colorado College (PhD 2015, History, Cornell University)

Molly Reed, PhD candidate, History, Cornell University

Past and current members:

Ellen Abrams, PhD Candidate, Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University

April Anson, 2019 – 2021 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities (PhD 2019, English, University of Oregon)

Christy Croxall, Visiting scholar, Cornell University, Department of History & 2016-18 Postdoctoral associate, John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University in St. Louis (PhD 2016, History, University of Delaware)

Brian Cuddy, Lecturer in Security Studies, Department of Security Studies and Criminology, Macquarie University (PhD 2016, History, Cornell University)

Sarah Ensor, Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, University of Michigan (PhD 2012, English, Cornell University)

Brigitte Fielder, Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature and Folklore Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison (PhD 2012, English, Cornell University)

Anna Geltzer, Assistant Director, John J. Reilly Center, University of Notre Dame (PhD 2012, Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University)

Melissa Gniadek, Assistant Professor, English, University of Toronto (PhD 2011, English, Cornell University)

Laurel Lathrop, PhD candidate in creative writing, Florida State University (MFA 2011, Cornell University)

Laura Martin, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Faculty Affiliate in History, Williams College (PhD 2015, Natural Resources, Cornell University)

Anto Mohsin, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University in Qatar (PhD 2015, Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University)

Jon McKenzie, Dean’s Fellow for Media and Design & Visiting Professor of English, Cornell University (PhD 1996, Performance Studies, NYU)

Tina Post, Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow in English, University of Chicago (PhD 2018, African American Studies & American Studies, Yale University)

Chad Randl, Art DeMuro Assistant Professor of Historic Preservation, School of Architecture & Environment, University of Oregon (PhD 2014, History of Architecture & Urban Development, Cornell University)

Jacqueline Reynoso, Assistant Professor of History, California State University Channel Islands (PhD 2017, History, Cornell University)

Emiko Stock, Visiting Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, Hamilton College (PhD 2019, Anthropology, Cornell University)

Rob Vanderlan, Associate Director, Center for Teaching Innovation, Cornell University (PhD 2004, U.S. History, University of Rochester)

Claudia Verhoeven, Associate Professor of History, Cornell University (PhD 2004, History, UCLA)

Ben Wang, Operations Research Analyst, U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC (PhD 2013, Science & Technology Studies, Cornell University)

Josi Ward, Partner, Ward Brandt Consulting (previously PhD candidate, History of Architecture & Urbanism, Cornell University)


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