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Since 2012, Aeon has established itself as a unique digital magazine, publishing some of the most profound and provocative thinking on the web. It has three channels, and all are completely free to enjoy: Essays – Ideas – Video

Contingent Magazine

Contingent Magazine is an independent non-profit, not backed by any university or think tank. They pay all contributors for their work.


There is also a new Diacritics blog! Consider submitting a blog-piece. Historiographical musings brought into connection with some literary or critical theory would perhaps be the best fit. However, you can really write about anything you want: your scholarship, new interests, non-traditional types of scholarship or work…

Historical Transactions

The Royal Historical Society established Historical Transactions, an open-access online blog in 2018, as part of the commemoration of the Royal Historical Society’s 150th Anniversary. They encourage submissions for engaging, accessible posts (of c.500-1000 words) that reflect the full diversity of methodological approaches, personal perspectives, time periods and geographical focus within current historical research, teaching and professional practice.

Journal of the History of Ideas Blog

The blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas (JHIBlog) aims to bring together today’s varied, burgeoning conversations in the field of intellectual history, broadly conceived. They understand intellectual history as an ecumenical and expansive field, encompassing a diversity of methods, regional emphases, and periods, and bordering upon many other subfields and disciplines. They supplement the work of the Journal of the History of Ideas by commenting speedily on developments in the field, highlighting the perspectives of graduate students and early-career researchers, and presenting research in a different format from that afforded by print journals. Typically, they publish new content on Monday and Wednesday, with a link roundup at the weekend.

Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice

There are three issues (so far!) of RH with the theme, History as Creative Writing. (Check out Volume 16, Issue 1, for a cluster of articles that began as History Slam pieces.)

The Appendix: A new journal of narrative & experimental history

The Appendix published eight quarterly issues in two volumes, and between journal articles and blog posts published work from over 150 contributors.

The Appendix was a quarterly journal of experimental and narrative history, soliciting articles from historians, writers, and artists committed to good storytelling, with an eye for the strange and a suspicion of both jargon and traditional narratives.

The LSE International History Blog

The LSE International History Blog welcomes contributions that aim to combine historical research and perspective with current affairs. They aim for articles between 500 and 1,200 words.


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