Fall 2008

September 12th: Organizational, Introductory Meeting. With Sandwiches.

September 18th: Pushing Out from the Inside: Three Academics, Three Creative EssaysJames Goodman, “For the Love of Stories,” 20 pages (originally published in Reviews in American History, 1998); Greg Dening, “Writing, rewriting the beach: an essay,” 25 pages, (from the edited collection, Experiments in Rethinking History); Robert Rosenstone, “Space for the Bird to Fly,” 8 pages, (from the edited collection, Manifestos for History).

October 2nd: Creative Non-FictionJohn McPhee, The Survival of the Bark Canoe.

October 30th: Writing History Roundtable Discussion. A discussion with four Cornell historians – Professors Holly Case, Ray Craib, Ed Baptist, and Barry Strauss – about their own writing practices.

October 23rd: Popular History!?; or, Why David McCullough’s Books Sell Better Than Yours. David McCullough, Brave Companions: Portraits in History.

November 13th: Of Novelists and History. W.G. Sebald, Austerlitz.

December 4th: Creativity and the Academy. Simon Schama, Dead Certainties.


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