Fall 2018

  1. Discussion about writing – September 20

If you’re interested in submitting an excerpt or full piece of writing you admire (in any genre!) for this discussion, please send that to Molly (mar453@cornell.edu) by Thursday, September 13. Please try to keep submissions under 1200 words or so, or 3-4 pages.

  1. Writing Workshop – October 11

We’re meeting on October 11 to discuss your short pieces that represent or model ‘activist scholarship,’ construed broadly. This theme clearly connects to important conversations in and beyond academia, and it will be exciting to see what you come up with / have been up to.

If you have something you’d like to contribute, send Molly (mar453@cornell.edu) ~1200 words by October 4. And always feel free to reach out if you have questions, ideas for future meetings, or want to connect!

  1. Writing Workshop – November 8

For this workshop, we want to read your short scenes, written for academic projects or otherwise. Please send Molly (mar453@cornell.edu) your submissions of 3-4 pages (~1200 wds) by November 1.