The HAW speaker series continues! Thursday, November 19 with Charles Petersen

Dear HAWers,

We hope that you will join us next week, on Thursday, November 19, at 8 pm on Zoom for our second session of the fall 2020. This session will be led by Charles Petersen, who joined Cornell’s History department this year as postdoctoral fellow.

We are very excited to host Charles and read some of his work! As some of you know, last year we started a speaker series about writing for public and non-academic audiences. Charles has been an editor of the journal n+1 for many years. To kick off our discussion, he shared three pieces of writing:

1. “Serfs of Academe”: a review that he wrote for the New York Review of Books of a multitude of books on the contemporary academy and the academic job market.

2. “American Pastoral”: an essay he wrote for n+1 on Ken Burns’s National Parks documentary and the relationship between romanticism, democracy, and nature. 

From “American Pastoral.” Justine Kurland, Keddie Wye, This Train is Bound for Glory, 2007. C-print, 24 x 31 1/2″. Courtesy Mitchell-Innes & Nash, NY.

3. “Decolonizing Obama”: a work of history, memoir, and political analysis by Aziz Rana that Charles edited for n+1.

Shoot us an email for the Zoom link!

Looking forward to seeing you next week,

Benedetta & Kelsey


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